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Sarge Release Notes - Call to update translations

Hello translators,

As things are heating up towards the release of Sarge, we are working to 
finalize the Release Notes [1].

Currently a lot of translations are out-of-date. For obvious reasons, only 
translations that are up-to-date can be published on the website and 
maybe included on official CDs.

I have (temporarily) disabled all translations except for EN, FR and NL in 
order not to confuse users who want to test upgrades using the Release 
Notes. When translations are updated, they will of course be added again.

If you cannot yourself commit your translation to CVS [2,3], please send 
it to the debian-doc mailing list (gzipped). Someone will commit it for 

Note 1
It is very likely that there will still be changes to the release notes 
over the next weeks. Mostly as a result of upgrade tests, but also things 
people want mentioned. However, this is probably not a good reason to 
delay translation as the release managers may not want to wait for 
translation updates at the last moment.
Therefore I suggest you check for updates at least weekly and update your 
translation regularly.

Note 2
There is a chance that the release notes will switch to using XML files 
instead of DebianDoc. This would also also PO file translations.
However, this would mean a partially manual conversion for all current 
translations so may be too disruptive at this stage.
An announcement will be sent to d-i18n before a final decision on this is 
made. Conversion will be easier if your translation is up-to-date.

Frans Pop

Current state of translations:
          Last          Revision    Last translator
Language  commit        comment     or commit by
en        2005/05/16	1.27        ---
nl        2005/05/16	1.27        Frans Pop
fr        2005/05/16	1.26        Frédéric Bothamy
pt        2005/05/15	1.23        Andre Luis Lopes
it        2005/02/13	1.18        Luca Brivio
es        2005/02/19	1.15        Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña
de        2005/04/12	1.13        Jens Seidel
ja        2005/01/01	1.10        Nobuhiro IMAI
da        2005/01/01	1.9         Claus Hindsgaul
cs        2004/12/18	1.9         Miroslav Kure
ca        2003/01/04	1.152       ?
zh_TW     2003/01/04	1.134       ?


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