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Re: [D-I] Statistics level4 and shadow

Quoting Eddy Petrisor (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):
> Christian Perrier wrote:
> >Because shadow 4.0.3 upstream had no it translation at all.
> >
> >The whole translation is in the Debian patch which we include only at
> >build time now....this is what confuses seppy's scripts.
> >
> >Dennis, a solution could be to "manually" apply all patches names
> >debian/patches/1* before doing the stats. This will give you the
> >complete POs.
> Or even better, convince upstream to use cvs/svn or something and 
> include the translation directly in upstream.

Upstream does. Tomasz (upstream author) has used Debian-originated
translations for his last upstream release (shadow 4.0.8).

And, yes he has a CVS.

However, upstream's version is currently 4.0.8 (soon 4.0.9) while
Debian version still is 4.0.3. There are lots of differences in strings.

The Debian maintainers (Nicolas François, Alexander Gattin, Martin
Quinson and myself) are working on resyncing Debian with
upstream. Tomasz Klockzo is associated to this work which involves
reviewing all Debian specific patches accumulated over years while the
former maintainer of shadow did't work with upstream to get these
patches merged in upstream.

This will be a very long path, be patient.

In the meantime, all shadow translators will probably be requested for
translation updates targeted at upstream when Tomasz will prepare his
releases. One may happen soon for 4.0.9

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