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Re: zope-* packages using almost same debconf templates

On 02/19/05 18:50, Lior Kaplan wrote:
Why not do a package-name variable, and have the same POT for all
packages? Is that possible?

Sure, I guess there are many ways of doing it. One could be to filter the final templates file (after dh_installdebconf) with sed or something similar. The problems is that the pot is not a single file, I mean... Its the same pot, but each package has its own copy and the maintainers have to sync them manually.

BTW... I haven't checked, but do all these packages need to ask these questions? Asuming the only thing that changes is the package name, can't some package provide this question at a global level? I'm just asking.


I'm a debian-l10n-german translator and noticed that most zope-*
packages use almost the same debconf template (only the package name in
them is different). There are plenty of them:

Couldn't the translation of these be automated e.g. by using po
compendium file? (btw: are there such files for debian available for
download somewhere?) or if that's not possible by  a script.

PS: Lior, please try to reply below the quote. Most people do it on these lists and it makes it easier to follow the thread. Thanks!

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