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KA - Georgian l10n of Debian


I would like to coordinate the Georgian [ka] l10n team of Debian.

Georgian language is spoken in Georgia, as well as by many inhabitants
of Turkey, Iran, Russia and some other countries.

The alphabet used for Georgian language is Georgian, which is one of
the oldest alphabets of the world. The writing direction is LTR and
Georgian alphabet is presented in all verision of Unicode (UTF-8).
Unicode is the only official encoding used in Georgian l10n, as well
as by Georgian websites, search engines etc.

Creating a Georgian-language Debian will significantly boost its
popularity as well as open-source platforms/systems among Georgian
users. Georgien version of Linux being very close, it is hghly
possible that localized Debian could be used used in Schools,
Educational Institutions, NGOs and even in governmential structures.

I have been supporting the development of open source platforms and
software in Georgia for years. I was the first person to offer
Georgian version of GNU-GPL license so that Georgian useers would
better understand the open source principles and philosophy.

Having good knowledge of English and German languages, as well as
IT-specific terms invarious languages, my current Georgian l10n
projects include Manrake Linux, GNOME, KDE and XMMS among others.

I have also accomplished Georgian l10n of some free-to-use commercial
products, creating Georgian versions of Google search engine, Opera
web browser, winamp etc.

I can coordinate the l10n team, provide the team members with
appropriate l10n environment, TM and howtos, create and maintain the
project website, as well as coordinate the l10n, media and web pr and
distribution of Debian in Georgia.

Best regards,

Aiet Kolkhi

phone +995 99 251529

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