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Re: KA - Georgian l10n of Debian

Quoting Aiet Kolkhi (aietkolkhi@gmail.com):
> Hello,
> I would like to coordinate the Georgian [ka] l10n team of Debian.

This is highly interesting and, of course, seeing a new language ready
to come and join the game is certainly one of the best news I can read
at 6:30am when waking up..:-)

As far as I see, we already have the first brick : a Georgian locale
exists in Debian (ka_GE).

Now you have indeed to decide which part you'd like to work on : web
site translation, packages translation (Debian specific software,
debconf translations), installer translation.....etc

I tend to favour the installer translation effort but this may sound a
bit biased as this is my main activity in the project.....but I indeed
think that this has proven to be a very good start to bring in new
individuals and teams in Debian i18n effort.

If you're interested in that part, we can handle the initial steps
together off list.

These steps are described in the installer i18n documentation you'll
find pointed by :


So, then, just let us know.....and, anyway, welcome on board..

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