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Re: New translation status pages for Debian Installer

Quoting Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo (fenio@o2.pl):

> Someone has sent me proofreaded Polish translation and he found many typos,
> and some gramatical corrections. 
> Is it possible to include it for sarge?

That means rebuilding and compiling all relevant packages. Nothing has
been decided on that matter : this is huge work, so there's absolutely
no guarantee that it will happen, given the manpower in the d-i team.

> Then I would prepare fixed version as soon as possible.
> If not then I apply these fixes to trunk branch.

If you can, apply the fixes to both branches. Thus, at least for the
packages which will be rebuilt for other reasons, your fixes will go
in sarge.

Again, unless Joey decides that translation uploads will be made again
before the "no-name-yet" release, I am not sure at all that everything
will be corrected.

> BTW: when will translations from trunk branch be included in some official
> installer. With sarge 3.1r1 or with etch?

The daily builds already use packages built from the trunk branch. So,
any "etch" version of the installer will include them. 

The sarge versions of the installer, after sarge release, will use
packages from the sarge branch.

I'm currently thinking about a possible system for updating the
packages/po/*po files in the sarge branch from the packages/po/*po
files from the trunk. 

Thus if, for a string which is identical in sarge and trunk, you make
an update in trunk, the update will automatically go in sarge. Strings
which differ will however need some manual handling.

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