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New translation status pages for Debian Installer

Dennis Stampfer has updated the Debian Installer translation
statistics pages after the recent branching of the installer
development tree.


You will notice two columns for "level1" (the core Debian
Installer). The "level1" column refers to the "sarge" branch. This
code is what will become the next release of the installer (which is
not named yet). The statistics here should not change as this branch is
still under a deep string freeze.

There still may be updates for the 4 incomplete languages for this
branch but there is no guarantee that these updates will make it into
the release. The situation is the same for other updates (late typos
and such other mistakes). Please contact us in case you feel something
really needs to be updated for your language.

The "post-sarge level1" column reflects the translation statistics in
the "unstable" branch, where new development may appear.

Translators are encouraged to keep their work up-to-date in post-sarge
as much as possible. Be aware that some packages here may be work in
progress and thus are likely to have their strings changed often.

As usual on the statistics page, the heading of the columns give
access to the whole tree of files (POT files as well as all incomplete
PO files).

For translators working with a single file for level1, the packages/po
directory is maintained up-to-date in both branches. So, continue
working with the single file in each branch. The synchronisation script
runs every 3 hours on the unstable branch and once per day on the
sarge branch.

Remember that statistics are run against the individual files in each
d-i package and NOT against the general file. So, after you update the
general file, you need to wait for the synchronisation script AND the
statistics script to be run for seeing the result on the statistics
page. Be patient..:-)

Note about "prospective" languages

Languages currently not supported in d-i will be removed from the sarge
branch, but kept in the unstable branch. We will quite soon
progressively release them into the individual d-i packages.
Translators will be warned of that so that they can make first tests
of their own translations.


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