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Re: debconf temlate encoding

(CC'ing -i18n)

> > Are we moving to UTF-8 for sarge?  
> > 
> AFAIK most parts (especially deconf) are UTF-8 ready, so lets do this 
> also for debconf templates.


> > Is there any guideline for which encoding to use for po files for 
> > debconf.
> > 
> I have read on a Debian web-site (or posting?) about using UTF-8 on every 
> new (or updated) template, but sorry, I have no URL or "official statement" 
> for you.
> Generally it's a good idea to do i18n with UTF-8.

Do not make confusion between templates and the PO files which
generate them.

There is no requirement at all for PO files to be UTF-8. It's up to
each translation team to decide the encoding they think is most suited
for their needs.

There is *no* requirement for all PO files in a given package to use
the same encoding. 

Indeed, using UTF-8 everywhere may make the life of translation team
more complicate as this nearly forces all team member to use a UTF-8

More generally speaking, the package maintainers should *not* mess up
with PO files encoding unless they deeply know what they're doing.

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