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Re: Debian Installer Manual Translations (was: repository branched for sarge)

> For the English original
> ========================
> I feel that for the time being most changes in trunk could safely go to 
> the Sarge branch: there are plenty of improvements possible that are 
> relevant for Sarge, including the planned reorganization of Chapter 2 
> (which I plan to start this weekend).
> I would not like to discourage changes relevant for Sarge by focussing on 
> post-Sarge too soon and IMHO maintaining two versions is way to 
> complicated and too much work (which would discourage work on the manual 
> even more).
> The only changes to the manual that should not go into the Sarge branch 
> would be those relating to post-sarge development, like localechooser.

I fully agree with that view (and *not* only because this allows me to
avoid writing documentation for localechooser).

There is no urgent need for updates relevant to new material as we
will probably be still focused on the sarge version for some time
after the release of no-name-yet.

> All other translations
> ======================
> These are only shown on the d-i manual website. As these translations are 
> build from trunk, I see no advantage in updating these translations in 
> the Sarge branch, as there would be risks in including extra translations 
> on the CD's in later builds.
> In fact, it would probably be safer to delete these languages in the Sarge 
> branch.

Supported as well.

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