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Debian Installer Manual Translations (was: repository branched for sarge)

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(please keep both d-boot and d-i18n CC'ed for this discussion)

On Tuesday 30 November 2004 06:52, Christian Perrier wrote:
> In my opinion, that counts first for changes to the original version of
> the manual. However, as soon as some English is changed in the manual,
> there's of course no permission to request for updating translations.
> Frans, do you agree with that interpretation?

To be honest I'm not sure how the manual should be maintained after the 
branching. Maybe we should discuss our options; I'll give a start below.
Comments very welcome.

For the English original
I feel that for the time being most changes in trunk could safely go to 
the Sarge branch: there are plenty of improvements possible that are 
relevant for Sarge, including the planned reorganization of Chapter 2 
(which I plan to start this weekend).
I would not like to discourage changes relevant for Sarge by focussing on 
post-Sarge too soon and IMHO maintaining two versions is way to 
complicated and too much work (which would discourage work on the manual 
even more).

The only changes to the manual that should not go into the Sarge branch 
would be those relating to post-sarge development, like localechooser.
I would suggest we postpone making these changes for the time being
In some cases, we could even consider documenting both the old and new way 
d-i works by adding "notes".

Translations that have been officially included  (es, fr, ja, pt_BR, sp)
For these any changes made in the Sarge branch in the English docs should 
preferably be translated as well.

If translations are out-of-date (like pt_BR currently), I guess it would 
be good update these in both branches.

All other translations
These are only shown on the d-i manual website. As these translations are 
build from trunk, I see no advantage in updating these translations in 
the Sarge branch, as there would be risks in including extra translations 
on the CD's in later builds.

In fact, it would probably be safer to delete these languages in the Sarge 

At some future time, when d-i really starts to diverge from it's Sarge 
version, this proposed policy should of course be reconsidered.
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