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Re: Bug#282409: ITP: mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-br -- Firefox Localization Package to Brazilian Portuguese.

On Πεμ 25 Νοε 2004 12:01, Luk Claes wrote:

> Does this mean that only the maintainer of sv and fr have agreed to
> let it take over or haven't you got any answer from the others?
> What is the status?

From our side (el), at least, it's perfectly acceptable to let one 
packages take over the mozilla-firefox-locale-el translation (it's 
actually a logical thing to do).

> What about the mozilla-locale-xx and mozilla-thunderbird-locale-xx
> packages? Is there a reason why they won't be build from one source
> package yet or why we don't consider this yet?

I believe that the situation is slightly more complicated with 
mozilla-locale-xx packages, but thunderbird would indeed be similar 
to firefox so it _should_ be perfecly possible to use a single source 
for all locale packages.


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