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Re: Bug#282409: ITP: mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-br -- Firefox Localization Package to Brazilian Portuguese.

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Christian Perrier wrote:
| (again, I insist for this thread to appear on -i18n. Nearly all
| i18n/l10n involved people read it while they may read -devel less
| carefully...or not at all)

So, not Cc-ed to devel anymore

|>>Does your package generate a file for Arabic? I'm not sure that the
|>>ar localisation of Firefox is included upstream, though.
|>For the moment, it doesn't include Arabic, because this language is not
|>available in mozilla.org.
|>I can include it, anyway, if somebody points me to the right XPI.
| I forwarded this to the Arabeyes people, one of them is working on
| Firefox Arabic translations, IIRC. I'm in close touch with them and
| hope to give you news soon.

I think there will soon come more translations available upstream (like
the nl one).

|>>Can you indeed give us here the list of mozilla-firefox-locale-xx
|>>packages your package currently generates?
|>For the moment:
|>  César
| Kostas, what about Greek ? Can you check this with whoever maintains
| mozilla-firefox-locales-el if such package exists?

Does this mean that only the maintainer of sv and fr have agreed to let
it take over or haven't you got any answer from the others? What is the

What about the mozilla-locale-xx and mozilla-thunderbird-locale-xx
packages? Is there a reason why they won't be build from one source
package yet or why we don't consider this yet?


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