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Re: Bug#282409: ITP: mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-br -- Firefox Localization Package to Brazilian Portuguese.

(again, I insist for this thread to appear on -i18n. Nearly all
i18n/l10n involved people read it while they may read -devel less
carefully...or not at all)

> > Does your package generate a file for Arabic? I'm not sure that the
> > ar localisation of Firefox is included upstream, though.
> For the moment, it doesn't include Arabic, because this language is not 
> available in mozilla.org.
> I can include it, anyway, if somebody points me to the right XPI.

I forwarded this to the Arabeyes people, one of them is working on
Firefox Arabic translations, IIRC. I'm in close touch with them and
hope to give you news soon.

> >
> > Can you indeed give us here the list of mozilla-firefox-locale-xx
> > packages your package currently generates?
> For the moment:
> ast-ES
> cs-CZ
> da-DK
> en-GB
> fi-FI
> fr-FR
> he-IL
> hu-HU
> ro-RO
> ru-RU
> sl-SI
> sv-SE
> zh-CN
> zh-TW
>   César

Kostas, what about Greek ? Can you check this with whoever maintains
mozilla-firefox-locales-el if such package exists?


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