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Re: mozilla-*-locale-* packages?

Christian Perrier wrote:
From a thread in -devel, dated September, after an ITP for Swedish
locale files for Mozilla stuff...
I didn't pay to much attention to that thread, I am discovering it now.

Quoting Alexander Sack (asac@jwsdot.com):

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

I agree too. Actually, it makes more sense if we do a single package and
integrate there mechanisms to extract the needed files from xpis to
generate mozilla-locale-* packages instead of having each maintainer devise its own (as well as redoing the registration of the packages in mozilla as documented at [1])

Moreover, somebody (a packaging group) could just package the locale
definitions available for Mozilla [2], Firefox [3] and Thunderbird [3], update them from time to time and update them whenever a new release is produced. That would avoid all the bugs related to XXXX-locale-YYY packages not allowing transitions of new Mozilla|Firefox|Thunderbird versions because they have not been updated and having the binary package proceed into testing would break them.

I believe that's actually how Mozilla is integrated in other OS, for example, in Solaris IIRC.

I think, that this would not be too hard to implement. On the other
hand, there would still be problems that some translations might not be
ready if mozilla* packages become ready to go in. IMHO, doing so looks like
a trick to declare translations not to be release critical and in fact
inferior to normal packages.

IHMO, that is not very easy to do that for, at least, mozilla and thunderbird (but that could change in the future). The .xpi packages differ a lot from one language to an other, some .xpi are not available, you have to use a CVS (for example for the French translation of thunderbird).

However, for firefox that could be implemented as since version 1.0PR, the translations are standardized. All language teams use the mozilla CVS, the translations are using the same format and are available at the same time on ftp://ftp.mozilla.org.

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