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mozilla-*-locale-* packages?

>From a thread in -devel, dated September, after an ITP for Swedish
locale files for Mozilla stuff...

Quoting Alexander Sack (asac@jwsdot.com):
> Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> >I agree too. Actually, it makes more sense if we do a single package and
> >integrate there mechanisms to extract the needed files from xpis to
> >generate mozilla-locale-* packages instead of having each maintainer 
> >devise its own (as well as redoing the registration of the packages in 
> >mozilla as documented at [1])
> >
> >Moreover, somebody (a packaging group) could just package the locale
> >definitions available for Mozilla [2], Firefox [3] and Thunderbird [3], 
> >update them from time to time and update them whenever a new release is 
> >produced. That would avoid all the bugs related to XXXX-locale-YYY 
> >packages not allowing transitions of new Mozilla|Firefox|Thunderbird 
> >versions because they have not been updated and having the binary package 
> >proceed into testing would break them.
> >
> >I believe that's actually how Mozilla is integrated in other OS, for 
> >example, in Solaris IIRC.
> > 
> >
> I think, that this would not be too hard to implement. On the other
> hand, there would still be problems that some translations might not be
> ready if mozilla* packages become ready to go in. IMHO, doing so looks like
> a trick to declare translations not to be release critical and in fact
> inferior to normal packages.

Has there been any progress on that topic ?

The Arabeyes team (Arabic translators) want to get their ar
translations in Debian and they asked me for help.

Of course, I can post ITPs for mozilla-*-locale-ar packages and handle
such packages myself (by using another one as a model, that woulkdn't
be too hard), but it would be better integrating this in a more
general project.

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