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Re: Fair warning - schooltool

Quoting Brian Sutherland (jinty@web.de):

> Note that neither package is going to be in sarge, so this probably a
> low priority except for those teams who like to keep a high "real"
> translation ratio;)

Hmmmm, no such team exists... :-)

> (please CC replys to me as I am not on this list)
> P.S. is this the right place for this announcement? any pointers for the
> next one?

This is the right place. Every l10n team should have (and probably
has) someone keeping an eye opened on -i18n. So, your call for
translations was perfect (maybe a more visible Subject line just to be
sure, but that's all).

For instance, I forwarded the mail (and the URL) to the French team,
following our conventions for "Work to Do" calls....Someone will
probably send a French translation in about one week (depending on the
size of the templates file), as a bug report against the package.

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