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Re: Debian Installer string freeze begins - 1st status

Christian Perrier schrieb:
As part of the release process for Debian Installer, a string freeze
from July 20th 00:00UTC up to July 25th 00:00 UTC was decided. The
goal is currently a release at the very end of July.

Hmmm ... I planned to volunteer in a systematic wording review [1] of the original en-version. Thus I believed, waiting until consolidation of functional bugs and feature freeze will be the right moment to start with text improvements.

Any comments on my plans? After a short vacation, I could start at 5th august, and estimate 5-10 days.

To late, to step in? Is there a rough timeline, milestones? I think, the side effects to translations would be minimal, because the meaning will not change, only the wording. But from my last impression on d-i daily 2004-06-07 I estimate some hundred lines of patches.

[1] This means:
- spelling en_US
- unique use of punctuation
- consistant use of terms
- avoiding personal pronouns
- simpler sentences
- clear questions

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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