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Re: proposal how to improve current Debian l10n framework

Jure Cuhalev wrote:
> Once done translating po message catalog we have to return it back to
> Debian. There are again a few ways to do this:
>         - post a wishlist bug report against the package
>         - commit it to CVS/SVN repository
>         - mail it to mailing list or to the person maintaining it
> While the first method seems to be preferred there are many packages
> that need to be translated and reporting bugs against each and
> everyone
> is not something that translator wants to do. Therefor I propose and
> improvement in this field. The thing I miss in Debian is central point
> where translation team coordinator can commit translations of his team
> and get new, fresh ones - without having to deal with BTS for each
> package template that gets translated in the process.

There is one problem you have to address: you have no control on what
is packaged, so you cannot be sure that the translated file comes from
your central repository.  For instance the maintainer might decide to
translate it himself, or he receives a translation through the BTS or
via direct mail.  If a maintainer wants to use this framework, he must
only accept translations from it, which is a constraint for translators.
This framework has to be carefully designed so that this drawback is
outweighed by its advantages.


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