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Re: Organization of the french and dutch teams, at least

Quoting cobaco (cobaco@linux.be):

> State of translation is indicated by adding tags to the subject line as such:

Since recently, we have another one�:

[TAF], meaning Traduction A Faire (this, in fact, is a joke -jeu de
mots...dunno how this translates to english�: "avoir du taf" is an
argotic expression ofr "having work to do").

This could be englishized to "WTD"�: Work To Do.

We (I, mostly) use this when we "discover" new stuff that has to be
translated, like package which switched to po-debconf, or packages
with fuzzied strings or whatsoever....

> In any case it is probably a good idea to have a tag, say [PT] (= Proposed 
> Translation), indicating discussion about how to translate some (technical) 
> term, separating this from comments regarding spelling or grammar mistakes.

Martin forgot to mention that, in such cases, we use the [DICO] tag
(DICO for "dictionary", of course)

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