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Organization of the french and dutch teams, at least

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Received the below mail from Martin from the french translation team,
moving discussion to debian-i18n with his permission.

Martin also pointed me to "http://graal.ens-lyon.fr/~mquinson/l10n_deb.html";,
where his future plans/wishes are detailled.

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 04:50:10PM +0200, cobaco wrote:
> On 2003-09-18 09:57, Martin Quinson wrote:
> > > However we (the dutch l10n team) are just now getting organized, and a
> > > review process for translations is being discussed/agreed on. I'll
> > > send you an updated file ones a review has been completed (probably
> > > sometime next week)
> >
> > Do you want we (the french l10n team) to present our system to the
> > debian-i18n list? It's not quite perfect, but it let us work on the ML
> > with a rather high trafic on the list
> > (http://lists.debian.org/stats/debian-l10n-french.png), and get all the
> > translations reviewed before submitting.
> >
> > There is no exact solution for it, neither there is any kind of
> > guarentee that the receipt we use on dlfrench will do the trick for
> > other teams, but anyway, if you have some notions of french, you may
> > want to check www.debian.org/intl/french, which sumarize our methods and
> > tools.
> >
> :-), we had already found that page, and are modelling our efforts after
> : it

Please make sure to communicate any improvement you find over our system, so
that we get a chance to benefit of it, too.

> > I may consider translating it to english one day, but not within the
> > comming month, sadly.
> lots of belgians on our team, with adequate french skills, didn't pose a
> problem.

Sure, I didn't realize it. I guess some people may even be in both team...

> > In short, the trick is to do everything to let people concentrate on the
> > issues they like, and being enough to have every issue examined by at
> > least 2 people...
> > Thanks, Mt.
> Seems to be working though, there's suddenly lots and lots of activity

This activity is the result of 2 or 3 guys aiming at translating all the
debconf template in french, and switch all templates to the po-debconf
system since it is so much easier for translators. The good thing is that
the system seemed to scale well. I for example am happy that they do such
thing, but cannot participate by lack of time, so I simply erase all mails
having po-debconf:// in the title.

When they begin to bargain about the right translation of a given
expression, they change the title and I jump in. That's as easy as this.

The default is that it generates a rather high traffic on the list, which
makes some people (with RTC connexion) run away. We are currently thinking
about changing this by the use of an IMAP address where everybody could
connect in readonly mode, get the work to do, and post the review or other
comments. A few administrators would be given the RW rights. and the ML
would be reserved to more general discution, with lower trafic.

The french KDE team is using that system (and suggested it to us), but the
RW is given to all people, so they have to restrict the access. I did not
figure out how to give RO access to anybody yet (a web interface may be
good, also). I plan to tackle that when I'm done with redacting my PhD (one
more month). I may need to become DD to set up such things, which will
happen before chrismas, I hope. Jordi Mallach, from the catalan team, is my

Another idea is to allow teams to add comments to the w.d.o/intl/l10n pages,
which we use heavily to see what is still to do. I know more or less how to
do that, but yet again, I need the time to do that. In one month ;)

There is also the #206363 to put l10n informations on package web page. I
also need some help here, if you know someone with basic python skills and
some free time.

I also have ideas about i18ning the man pages and other kind of
documentation in the same spirit than po-debconf. Ask google about po4a. ;)

The most ambitious idea is to put all translatable material and translations
in a big CVS when they are extracted from the packages by the scripts
generating the stats for w.d.o/intl/l10n, and develop methods and tools to
ease the interactions between translators and maintainers. Again, that's
quite easy, I just need time to do so (or help from other people). Gime one

> thanks for the offer for help though, (and kudos to the french team for
> thinking up a system for us to copy).

Thanks. If more teams are about to use it, it makes sense to document it on
english pages (out of the french directory). In fact, I was hopping for
something like that to happen to get the right to document it... When I'll
have the needed time, I'll contact the german team since I speak a bit
german to see if they would accept to use and extend this methodology too.

Portuguese and italian teams (at least) also use our tricks to mark the
maintainer of each webpage translation, and the corresponding tools to warn
translators when the original version changes (do you use it?). I guess they
may be interested in a more general setup, also.

> We're also considering adding [INT:nl] tags to submitted bugs to make it
> easier to get an overview of everything dutch-translation related in bts.
> (don't know who thought it up for dpkg, but seems like a good idea)

Warning, that's "INTL"... such as in www.debian.org/intl

Doogie came out with this idea. It's rather unexpected (from me, at least)
that doogie would help the translators to organize one day... ;)

Bye, Mt.

PS: Maybe we should switch this discussion to at least l10n-dutch if you
accept to speak english with me, or d-i18n, to get more people in the
loop... Feel free to do so if you agree.

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