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Re: Organization of the french and dutch teams, at least

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On 2003-09-19 20:27, Martin Quinson wrote:
> Please make sure to communicate any improvement you find over our system,
> so that we get a chance to benefit of it, too.

Will do, sofar we adopted the the following:

State of translation is indicated by adding tags to the subject line as such:
        -> meaning "Intent To Translate"
        -> used to avoid double work being done, indication of who does what
  [RFR]   (Where french team uses DDR)
        -> meaning "Request For Review"
        -> comments  should use diff syntax
        -> translator is responsible for incorporating changes when consensus
 	     is reached
        -> re-request review, used when there have been substantial changes
        -> otherwise like RFR
        -> possibly followed by [RFR3], ... if necessary
  [LCFC] (Where french team uses Relu)
	-> meaning "Last Chance For Comment"
 	-> indicates discussion had ceased, changes have been incorporated and
	     the translation is considered done
	-> if no reactions translation can be send through the appropriate
	    channels (usually meaning either bugrapport, or cvs commit)

The subject of the translation is indicated with a pseudo url:
	-> debian web page
 	-> complete url with webpage adres
	-> po-debconf questions
 	-> complete url with packagename (no more needed as location is always
	    debian/po/LL.po where CC is the language code)
	-> po-debconf://{package1, package2, ...} used when ITT'ing more than one
	-> po translation of a program
	-> complete url with location of po file in source tree
	-> man page
	-> complete url with section/subject 

> > > I may consider translating it to english one day, but not within the
> > > comming month, sadly.
> >
> > lots of belgians on our team, with adequate french skills, didn't pose a
> > problem.
> Sure, I didn't realize it. I guess some people may even be in both team...
possibly, though not as far as I know :-)

> This activity is the result of 2 or 3 guys aiming at translating all the
> debconf template in french, and switch all templates to the po-debconf
> system since it is so much easier for translators. The good thing is that
> the system seemed to scale well. I for example am happy that they do such
> thing, but cannot participate by lack of time, so I simply erase all mails
> having po-debconf:// in the title.
> When they begin to bargain about the right translation of a given
> expression, they change the title and I jump in. That's as easy as this.
Change the title to what, the rule you indicated would also erase RFR's and 
replies (where I gathered any bargaining took place).

In any case it is probably a good idea to have a tag, say [PT] (= Proposed 
Translation), indicating discussion about how to translate some (technical) 
term, separating this from comments regarding spelling or grammar mistakes.

> The default is that it generates a rather high traffic on the list, which
> makes some people (with RTC connexion) run away. We are currently thinking
> about changing this by the use of an IMAP address where everybody could
> connect in readonly mode, get the work to do, and post the review or other
> comments. A few administrators would be given the RW rights. and the ML
> would be reserved to more general discution, with lower trafic.
> The french KDE team is using that system (and suggested it to us), but the
> RW is given to all people, so they have to restrict the access. I did not
> figure out how to give RO access to anybody yet (a web interface may be
> good, also). I plan to tackle that when I'm done with redacting my PhD
> (one more month). I may need to become DD to set up such things, which
> will happen before chrismas, I hope. Jordi Mallach, from the catalan team,
> is my AM...
interesting idea

> Another idea is to allow teams to add comments to the w.d.o/intl/l10n
> pages, which we use heavily to see what is still to do. I know more or
> less how to do that, but yet again, I need the time to do that. In one
> month ;)
> There is also the #206363 to put l10n informations on package web page. I
> also need some help here, if you know someone with basic python skills and
> some free time.
> I also have ideas about i18ning the man pages and other kind of
> documentation in the same spirit than po-debconf. Ask google about po4a.
> ;)
man page translation for base is done through nl.linux.org CVS, though this 
efforts here are currently more-or-less dead

> The most ambitious idea is to put all translatable material and
> translations in a big CVS when they are extracted from the packages by the
> scripts generating the stats for w.d.o/intl/l10n, and develop methods and
> tools to ease the interactions between translators and maintainers. Again,
> that's quite easy, I just need time to do so (or help from other people).
> Gime one month...
seams an excellent idea, do you have an overview of exactly (or 
approximately) what needs to be done for this?

> > thanks for the offer for help though, (and kudos to the french team for
> > thinking up a system for us to copy).
> Thanks. If more teams are about to use it, it makes sense to document it
> on english pages (out of the french directory). In fact, I was hopping for
> something like that to happen to get the right to document it... When I'll
> have the needed time, I'll contact the german team since I speak a bit
> german to see if they would accept to use and extend this methodology too.
> Portuguese and italian teams (at least) also use our tricks to mark the
> maintainer of each webpage translation, and the corresponding tools to
> warn translators when the original version changes (do you use it?). I
> guess they may be interested in a more general setup, also.
which tools? sofar we've only looked at the coordination through the 

> > We're also considering adding [INT:nl] tags to submitted bugs to make it
> > easier to get an overview of everything dutch-translation related in
> > bts. (don't know who thought it up for dpkg, but seems like a good idea)
> Warning, that's "INTL"... such as in www.debian.org/intl
oops, typo
	-> correct tag to be added to bugrapports is [INTL:LL] where LL is the
	    language code

> Doogie came out with this idea. It's rather unexpected (from me, at least)
> that doogie would help the translators to organize one day... ;)

> Bye, Mt.
> PS: Maybe we should switch this discussion to at least l10n-dutch if you
> accept to speak english with me, or d-i18n, to get more people in the
> loop... Feel free to do so if you agree.

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Cheers, cobaco

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