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Re: i18n of cdebconf (Re: i18n of tasksel (and cdebconf))

[Tomohiro KUBOTA]
> Which frontend will be used for the installation process?

We use the text frontend for debugging, and the newt frontend is the
current best candidate for the production version.

> You mean, the Stage 1 always uses UTF-8 while the Stage 2 uses
> popular encodings for each language/country?  (For example,
> ISO-8859-1 for pt_BR, ISO-8859-15 for de_DE, EUC-JP for ja_JP, and
> so on).

Yes.  The encoding selected in stage to is based on the selected
locale, and looked up in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED.

> In such a case, cdebconf (which should be as small as possible and,
> as a result, supports UTF-8 only) cannot be used for the Stage 2.
> Am I right?  Then, are there a list of programs which run on the
> termwrap in the Stage 2 (or how can I make such a list) ?  I would
> like to test whether these programs can handle multibyte characters.

The term wrapper calls base-config, and this again uses mostly debconf
to display its text.  There are some other programs executed as well,
but I do not have a complete list of the top of my head.  tasksel,
dselect and aptitude might run depending on the users choices.  dpkg
and apt will also show some texts.  There might be other as well.

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