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Re: How does the ddtp plan to handle po files?

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003 09:06:16 +0100
Martin Quinson <Martin.Quinson@tuxfamily.org> wrote:

> A much better solution would be to give a complete unit of work (ie a
> whole template or a whole po file) to the people requesting work, and
> don't try to split it up. 
> I agree that it is *much* more work to translate the whole po file of
> dpkg than only a few lines, but I'm afraid it's the only solution if
> we want to ensure the quality of the translation.

I think I tend to agree here. I've been translating debconf questions,
the last ones were from xfree. It asks a lot of questions, and I would
be nice if everything is translated consistently (keyboard layout =
'toetsenbordindeling' and not 'keyboard-indeling' or 'toetsenbord
layout' or 'klavierindeling' or whatever..). But it's hard to coordinate
that at the moment. (Also because there's not a command similar to SGET
here, I think).

> Thanks for thinking again about the design of the ddtp before
> including templates or po files.
But I think they're already included, at least debconf templates are
being translated at the moment.

grts Tim

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