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Re: Indonesian

Junaedi Kartawijaya berkata:

> AFAIK, there is no translation of specifically Debian packages to
> Indonesian. So, there are plenty translation works can be done on
> Debian.

Well , I think we should start it now

>> I agree with the priority to give to end-user programs, but I'd like to
>> temperate it: I think that the website and basis programs like
> dpkg
>> itself are also good candidate.
> Agreed. Also, description of packages would be great as well.

One of my friends here wanna start translating dbootstrap program.
Unfortunately, we all are behind the University 's firewall and cannot connect
to cvs.debian.  Is there anyway to get dbootstrap.po file ???

>> But I think the main task for ID translator is to organize
>> themselves. The first task is to open a mailing list for you all, and


> Well, not many Indonesian are using Debian yet. Further, people think that
> Debian is hard to use, they prefer to use other distros. All in all, not
> many Indonesian involved in translation project. If any, they are more
> likely to stuck in a particular project or work in a company (a distro).
well, we all here use debian :)
> The i18n mailing list for Indonesian is available at linux.or.id.
> It's not Debian specific but easier to find others.

We just created a simple debian list at Dept. Of Physics , University of
Indonesia . :)
If you're interested ,  you can visit

Best regard and hope seeing you at that list

Arief S Fitrianto
Jurusan Fisika Universitas Indonesia

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