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Re: Coordination with GNU Translation Project

Tirsdag den 4. december 2001 09:11 skrev Changwoo Ryu:
> Not really.  The Translation Project sends "New PO file..."
> notification mail to the translation team list, in every time when the
> maintainers submit their updated .pot file, usually a few days before
> its release.

In my experience, this has not always been true. But I hope, it is "usually" 
so, as you say.
Last spring, the Translation Project itself suffered from the lack of 
maintenance. This may be why I have these bad experiences. I hope the new 
maintainers have changed all that. Indeed, their activity has been visible as 
more new po-files have been announced. Maybe that will make is unnessecary to 
bother the Debian package maintainers with separate localization work.


Claus Hindsgaul
claus_h@image.dk (PGP-nøgle: http://www.image.dk/~claus_h/PGP.htm )

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