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Re: Coordination with GNU Translation Project

Claus Hindsgaul <claus_h@image.dk> writes:

> den 1. december 2001 18:40 skrev Changwoo Ryu:
> > Well, the problem is not the coordination between Debian and TP, but
> > the coordination between the upstream authors and TP.  The packages
> > you listed have no Danish translations or only outdated ones _in
> > upstream_.
> Wow, that's even worse. The translations have been made, but *noone* are 
> using them.
> Hmmm, I'd better mail those upstream guys.

Hmm...  It seems that the Danish PO files were submitted very
recently, weren't?  Then, you can just wait the next upstream

The maintainers don't release a new version just to incorporate an
updated translation.  If the corresponding translator couldn't submit
the updated translation before release, the software would be release
with the outdated translation, or nothing at all.  That's all.

Changwoo Ryu

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