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Re: how to help translate?

Dear all,

--- Arief S Fitrianto <arief@fisika.ui.ac.id> wrote:

> The Indonesian character is simple, so we can use ISO-8859-1 . I
> think, The only change is to use id_ID as locales ( The potato still 
> use in_ID for Indonesian , I hope this will be fixed in woody )

thanks for the info. 

> AFAIK, the translation of Debian Web pages is already started by
> Samik Ibrahim. If you wanna do such translation, you can contact him.

the webmaster said he hasn't translate any. I checked the cvs, no
directory for Indonesian yet.

> The only thing we need currently is a special mailing list for
> Indonesian translation. I suggest a solution for this : you become
> coordinator for Indonesian Translation Team and I provide the mailing

> ist for the team .

who should be contacted regarding to be a coordinator?

Please, go ahead with setting up the list.

> Michael Bramer wrote:
> Please translate first the webpages and the boot process with
> theinstall doc's.

One thing that I'm not clear. The manuals, install docs, boot process
are not part webwml section of cvs, right. Is having access to webwml,
can I access and mess around with those install docs and boot process
pages? Because as far as I understand these only accessible by debian
developers. And to get that status is another long journey :)

If it is only accessible by debian developers, who should I give the
translated to? TIA.


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