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Re: how to help translate?

> Hi,
> At Wed, 5 Sep 2001 20:31:06 -0700 (PDT),
> Junaedi Kartawijaya <milisdebian@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi, junaedi.
It's surprised to see your mail in ths list.

Apa kabar ???

>> I'm interested in doing some translation to Indonesian
>> (id) for Debian. Has someone started it? If yes, how
>> to contact the person (may be the coordinator)?
Yes , AFAIK no one started INdonesian translation of Debian Packeges. Wish do
you wanna be the coordinator. I've been int his list for two months with ( i
believe ) the same reason as yours . Unfortunately, I'm in the progress of
finishing my study right now. It gives me a litle time to do such big
projects at least until the next year. This is why I suggest you to be the
coordinator of Indonesian translator. I'll join with you after finishing my
study next year.

> At first, you have to check the encoding for Indonesian.
> I mean, ISO-8859-1, Big5, KOI8-R, and so on.  If your
> encoding is simple 8bit one, you only have to translate.
> If your encoding is "complex" one with multibyte characters,
> combining characters, or bidi characters, you will want to
> add support of them to softwares at first.  I think you
> can do this work (translation and improvement of softwares)
> with upstream developers of each software.

The Indonesian character is simple, so we can use ISO-8859-1 . I think, The
only change is to use id_ID as locales ( The potato still use in_ID for
Indonesian , I hope this will be fixed in woody )

> Please check http://www.debian.org/international
> for each language.  I cannot find Indonesian there.
> So, I think you have to be a cordinater.  Note that
> this page is mainly related to translation of Debian
> web pages.
AFAIK, the translation of Debian Web pages is already started by Samik
Ibrahim. If you wanna do such translation, you can contact him.

>> I see there are some i10n for Russian, Spanish, etc..
>> But, what are usually being translated here?
> Things which need translations:
> - Debian specific
>   - web pages (http://www.debian.org)
>   - documents (installation instruction and so on)
>   - "Description" field for packages (see http://auric.debian.org/~grisu)
> - not Debian specific
>   - software messages ("No such file or directory" in your language) -
>   manpages and info pages
Hi junaedi,
we may first translate the packages description . See the above page for

>> Secondly, AFAIK when someone involved in the
>> development, someone certainly has good access to
>> Internet. Is it possible for person like that don't
>> have good Internet access, to get involved?
> Depends on what they do.  All developers will want to read and write mails.
>  However, mail requires rather slow connection.  Translator of Debian web
> and documents will need CVS, which also don't require fast connection.  If
> you are interested in developing softwares and packages, you will have to
> download the upstream version and upload your package.  It depends on the
> size of the package.

Right, you don't need good internet access to get involved.
The only thing we need currently is a special mailing list for Indonesian
translation. I suggest a solution for this : you become the coordinator for
Indonesian Translation Team and I provide the mailing list for the team .

This is what I can do right now, due to the firewall at my university deny
all access except SMTP and HTTP to me.

Arief S Fitrianto
Jurusan Fisika Universitas Indonesia

Arief S Fitrianto
Jurusan Fisika Universitas Indonesia

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