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Re: A utf-8 test (was Problem with iso8859 on xterm/with man(1))

Chanop Silpa-Anan <chanop@debian.org>:

> >  >My patched version of slang went into unstable recently. If it doesn't
> >  >cause too many problems, maybe it will go into testing eventually, and
> >  >maybe Debian's Mutt could then be linked with it instead of ncurses.
> > I remember I switched from slang to ncurses to fix some display
> > problems, so I'd like to hear some good arguments to change again.
> > Do you know about the experimental UTF-8 support in ncurses 5.1?
> If you switch mutt to link with slang I probably have to recompile mutt my
> self since the package slang+utf patch has a problem with Thai character. It
> does not render character with width=0, at least that was the problem when 
> I use slrn with patched slang.

Yes, unfortunately, combining characters are not implemented.


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