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Re: A utf-8 test (was Problem with iso8859 on xterm/with man(1))

jrfern@bigfoot.com <jrfern@bigfoot.com>:

> > It should do. Mutt works very well in a UTF-8 xterm for me.
> I was very glad to see you're a Debian user (been following linux-utf
> for some time now). Is your patched mutt in 
>     http://www.rano.org/mutt.html 
> related to the Debian packaged one? 

The version of Mutt in Debian "testing" is new enough, but Mutt needs
a slang/curses library that understands UTF-8 if it is to work
properly in UTF-8. I build Mutt from source and link it with a patched
version of slang-1.4.4. Debian's Mutt is linked with ncurses, which
apparently doesn't work in UTF-8.

My patched version of slang went into unstable recently. If it doesn't
cause too many problems, maybe it will go into testing eventually, and
maybe Debian's Mutt could then be linked with it instead of ncurses.

I'll send a wishlist bug about it, so that the possibility is not
forgotten ...


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