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Re: dwn & i18n...

>> if you are aware of translation attempts i suppose it is possible to organize
>> something to get things done almost simultaneously and have a little more impact on
>> the debian world.

> well, I'd be happy if this would happen, what are you thinking of?

something like send the last draft to a bunch of volunteers who want to translate it to their own language and who'd take the responsability to either put it online or send it to their fellow country(wo)men's user list.

>> i would love it to have
>> important items in japanese/portugese/german etc in dwn (even though only a
>> minority of dwn readers could read them) so that everybody is conscious that debian
>> activity exists also in other languages.

> you mean in these languages? I don't think so, anyway, if you want to 
> summarize french threads and send them (in english) to the dwn they're

sorry, of course i meant an english summary that points to the original thread.


jc helary 

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