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Re: dwn & i18n...

Em Tue, 15 May 2001 23:26:17 +0900
jean-christophe helary <helary@niji.or.jp> escreveu:

> i suppose a lot of translations are made after the english dwn is online, and i
> suppose that the short delay does not make much difference. still there must be
> languages in which dwn is not translated.
I do it for portuguese, I translate the wml as soon as I get dwn from
debian-news and I use a slightly modified makemail.pl to generate mail
to post to debian-news-portuguese

> if you are aware of translation attempts i suppose it is possible to organize
> something to get things done almost simultaneously and have a little more impact on
> the debian world.
well, I'd be happy if this would happen, what are you thinking of?

> interesting threads can be known to the whole community. i would love it to have
> important items in japanese/portugese/german etc in dwn (even though only a
> minority of dwn readers could read them) so that everybody is conscious that debian
> activity exists also in other languages.
you mean in these languages? I don't think so, anyway, if you want to 
summarize french threads and send them (in english) to the dwn they're
surelly be accepted if really important, it is written in the contributing.wml =)

I think one of the most important of Debian is the i18n, translating
web pages is a very important task too...


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