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dwn & i18n...

[slightly off topic] i have been working on the french translation of dwn and my original plan, when i proposed to help the dwn team was to try to organize a i18ned dwn with translations in as many languages as possible to reach the biggest nb of debian users.

the french translation is based on the last draft that i get at the beginning of the week end. i usually translate it right away, make a text version for the french-user list and a html version (later wmlized) to be put online (i send the wml draft to somebody who puts it online on the french section of the debian hp).

i suppose a lot of translations are made after the english dwn is online, and i suppose that the short delay does not make much difference. still there must be languages in which dwn is not translated.

i found that having the translated version sent to the french user list was a good way to interest people to the debian project itself. a lot of people are not aware of the existance of dwn and receiving it in english makes it a drag to read. in my case, although i am not at all a developper or anything even close getting this bigger picture on the project helped me to understand its depth. and i am now ready to explain it to people who would like to start a linux box. etc.

if you are aware of translation attempts i suppose it is possible to organize something to get things done almost simultaneously and have a little more impact on the debian world.

another point of the whole thing is to make the i18n issues a little more known so that more energy gets focused on this side of debian. i am always looking for good stories on i18n to insert in dwn and i am also checking the french lists so that interesting threads can be known to the whole community. i would love it to have important items in japanese/portugese/german etc in dwn (even though only a minority of dwn readers could read them) so that everybody is conscious that debian activity exists also in other languages.

ok, that's it for tonight.


jean-christophe helary

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