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Re: Integrating Rxvt's


haven't participated in this list for a while, but I do read it.

Once upon a time, I heard Tomohiro KUBOTA say

> # I am also interested in recent Thai support by aterm-ml package.
The Thai patch for aterm was originally written by one of my friend at
purdue. He tried to get to to upstream but never maanaged to do it. So I
fix the patch a tad plus a prelim patch for /debian to Jordi.

BTW, I have a working trxvt (Thai rxvt) which I'm using everyday. It's not
yet perfect ATM due to my time constrain. The only bug is the redrawing of
the character when moving the cursor back on the same line.

I'm not on the rxvt-worker yet. There is a plan among thai linux
developpers, that we should use proper monospace font for console program.
ATM, upper and lower level characters have 0 width which is a hack to
monospace font.

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