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Re: [Groff] Re: groff: radical re-implementation

> The algorithm will be: check locale and use
>  - -Tlatin1 for Latin-1 languages
>  - -Tnippon for Japanese
>  - -Tascii8 for other languages
> if groff wrapper is invoked with -Ttty.  (IMO, we should not override
> user's specification of -Tlatin1, -Tascii, -Tnippon, and so on).

What mechanism do you suggest for communication between the
preprocessor and troff?

> BTW, do you plan to release Groff with Japanese patch, with my
> preprocessor, as a makeshift until Groff with UTF-8 input will be
> available?  (I thought so since you seem to be interested in my
> preprocessor working with Japanese-patched Groff. :-)

Do you think this is useful?  It introduces a lot of stuff which has
to be removed afterwards.  Wouldn't it be better to stay with a
separate groff-jp distribution?

> HTML output will be a ASCII text with &...; .  ASCII is the most
> portable character set/encoding in the world.  However, reading HTML
> source with &...; will be hard if the most part of the text consists
> from non-ASCII characters, such as Japanese, Russian, and Greek.

I'll leave this to Gaius who is working on HTML :-)


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