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Re: [Groff] Re: groff: radical re-implementation

> I think you now will agree to specify the 'character set/encoding'
> by a single word such as 'EUC-JP' instead of a pair of 'JIS-X-0208'
> and 'EUC'.

Yes :-)

> BTW, I am implementing the preprocessor.  Now it has features of:

>  - hard-coded converter from Latin1, EBCDIC, and UTF-8 to UTF-8
>  - locale-sensible converter from any encodings supported by OS to UTF-8
>    (note: UTF-8 has to be supported by iconv(3) )

May I suggest that you temporarily implement a hack so that you can
use it with the Japanese patch of groff?  I don't know how long it
will take until the necessary changes for gtroff have been

> BTW, besides TTY output, HTML will need postprocess from glyph to 
> character like 'grotty' in tty mode, since HTML is a text file.

Yes and no.  HTML output also supports entities with the &...;


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