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Re: man-db locale support

On Thu, Sep 30, 1999 at 03:54:21AM +0400, Michael Sobolev wrote:
> Hmm...  Let me add few thoughts here.  My native language is Russian. :) Here,
> in Russia, we have a really nice problem with encoding schemes.  At the moment
> there is a whole lot of them: KOI8-R, ISO-8859-5, Windows-1251, CP866.  (There
> could be others, but I do not remember them at the moment :)  As result, people
> (depending on their's tastes) use something like:
>     LANG=ru_RU.KOI8-R
>     LANG=ru_RU.CP1251
>     LANG=ru_RU.IBM866
> or just
>     LANG=ru

It is quite difficult for me to follow and test all these things (and
even understand if the resalt is ok or not).

Can you please point me to debian packages installing manpages in these
formats (and directories)?
And how do you see them while maintaining the ability to read english

Does groff support these formats? Does groff use a different device (the
-T option)?

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