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Re: Uploaded ja-trans 0.3 (source all) to jp

In message <[🔎] 14274.49904.146539.8570I@lavender.ukai.org> you wrote:
>PO files in ja-trans package are already uploaded to mainly japo@flatout.org,
>which is unofficial translation project, because official translation
>project (ja@li.org) requires written "copyright disclaimer" and many
>people probably can not get it from their employer.
>Anyway, some people are now contributing some of these PO files, and
>we are inviting more and more people to contribute to do it.

Um, if you can't get some sort of copyright or licensing under which the
material can be distributed compatible with the upstream source, we have
no business in distributing the stuff anyway.  Can you give me more 

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