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Re: (Fwd) Slovak Keyboards

Miroslav Vasko writes:
 >  I don't know, where should I post this message, but I thing, that 
 > this is not so wrong place.

 >  I have tested Slovak (sk) keyboards from RedHat 5.2 in my hamm box, 
 > and they worked fine. I know, that slovak locales will be present in 
 > slink release, but slovak keyboards are missing from kbd-0.96-11- 
 > data.deb in slink and in potato, too. The kbd-package maintainer is 
 > not responding.

This was the right address, but I was on vacation.

Thanks for these keymaps, I'll include them ASAP in kbd for slink.
Updating console-tools is also on my TODO list.

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