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Re: (Fwd) Slovak Keyboards

"Miroslav Vasko" <vasko@ies.sk>:

>  I have tested Slovak (sk) keyboards from RedHat 5.2 in my hamm box, 
> and they worked fine. I know, that slovak locales will be present in 
> slink release, but slovak keyboards are missing from kbd-0.96-11- 
> data.deb in slink and in potato, too. The kbd-package maintainer is 
> not responding.

I might be wrong here, but it's my impression that kbd is being
replaced by consoletools. If you can find out whether that is the case
I'd be interested to hear.

I recently replaced kbd by consoletools (from "unstable") because kbd
is not up to date with the kernel's interface for ACMs. (If you're
interested, see con_[gs]et_trans_(old|new) in
drivers/char/consolemap.c; kbd uses the old ones.)

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a Slovak keyboard in
consoletools either:

$ find /usr/share/keymaps/ -name '*sk*'
$ find /usr/share/keymaps/ -name '*slov*'

Yann Dirson <dirson@debian.org> is in charge of consoletools ...


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