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Re: What files for install/disks localization?

On Mon, Jan 04, 1999 at 06:34:09PM +0100, Miroslav Vasko wrote:
> 	Sorry for the stupid question. I tried to browse in ftp.debian.org, 
> but I cannot find out, what files do I need to do a translation of 
> install disks/install script to Slovak language.

Get boot-floppies from
install them, and read /usr/src/boot-floppies/README-Translators.

> 	And, can I push install dosks/script to use iso 8859.2 charset?

It's possible, but you need this patch:
<http://public.srce.hr/~mvela/font-loading.diff>. You'll also need to add
  export FONT=iso02.f16
to /usr/src/boot-floppies/Makefile.

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