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Re: How to write in Japanese under GTK ?

Chu-yeon Park wrote:
>  Hmm. As you know, it is difficult for people using 1-byte charsets,
> iso-8859-x, to understand 2 or multibytes charsets. (It doesn't mean that
> implemetation is very complex for you because you don't live in CJK now.)
I'm in JApan now. That's why I'm interested.

> If you change your locales, you can see various charsets.
> Test it. (eg., export LANG=C, export LANG=ja and so on.)
I've put LANG=ja_JP and now I receive 

locale not supported by C library

for a program that Takashi Matsuda <matsu@arch.comp.kyutech.ac.jp> gave
me to test my locale. SImilar problem happened with the last X server
and them with Netscape (which didn't start anymore) so I've downgraded
my XWindow. Is this the problem ?
What packages do I need to make it work ?

I remember I was once asked if I want to have Japanese or English
locale, but I don't know which package asked this. As I want to have
almost everything in English and work from time to time in Japanese, I
answered no to that question. I supose I was wrong :(

Concluding: how do I set my system to have all the menus and messages in
English, but have also an easy way to code mixed Japanese/Eglish
programs ? Can I use the latest X or is it still broken ? From unstable
or from frozen ?

For the moment, the rest of the system works good enough: XEmacs, SKK
and j-latex for writting, kterm and edict for the japanese dict. On the
other hand, I was not able make Emacs show the Japanese characters (it
displayed only blanck boxes). Do I need kinput 2 ? What for ?

> I wish you considered it as the one of the most important issues on Debian
> internationalization. :-)
> Chu-yeon


> X toolkit, Motif, and gtk widgets enable you to display multibytes
> characters on your screen under X window system. I think, if you have some
> interests in i18n, read ORA X series volume 4. Probably, you can find some
> examples about internationalization(i18n) under X.
What is ORA X seris ?

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