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lang_pl.h and boot-floppies

I have finished translation of lang_pl.h,
and have some remarks.

I do not know who maintains C programs (i could
check, but i decided to send this letter to list),
but please _do not_ use hacks like

printf("bla bla %s ", var ? "foo" : "bar") 

which may be ok for english, but for sure not for 
other languages.

Please use
	printf("bla bla foo");
	printf("bla bla bar");

At least in programs which are to be translated
into other languages, otherwise the translated text
that appears on the screen will like my english look :(

The other problem is translation of other messages
and modification of Makefiles and scripts.
I'm wondering how to do it more generally, but
maybe there were some discussions before or, someone
has any ideas.

Problems specific to polish boot-floppies is
setting consolefonts (modified iso8859-2 chareset with
semigraphics characters -it's done and working
but dinstall/main.c needs modification) which needs
additional 2 files in root.bin. And translation
of all .txt files.

I'm thinking of making directory lang/pl
with copied structrue of several boot-floppies/ 
subdirectories and additional script for
selecting language, which makes some symlinks.
I do not wont ot rewrite Makefile/script which works well,
and which I do not understand ;).

piotr pogorzelski

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