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Re: Debian Metadata Standard -- proposed

>>>>> On 19 Jul 1998 05:47:12 -0400, apharris@burrito.onshore.com (Adam P. Harris) said:
APH> I would appreciate it if someone would comment on the charset issues
APH> and how best to solve them.  The qualifier functionality could perhaps
APH> solve the problem (i.e., "Description: (CHARSET=foo) bar"), however,
APH> others have pointed out that certain character sets such as asiastic
APH> ideographs could cause problems since they cannot be display
APH> continuously with the roman character set.

>From my experience it's better to keep documents in repository encoded
in UNICODE, and provide tools to convert them from/to local charset/encoding.
This approach solves a lot of trouble in future and keeps standard 
immune to frequent changes.

piotr pogorzelski

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