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To support multibyte character sets.

bootfloppies-i18n is a very nice work, but it's not *ONLY* what we translate
messages to various languages used in our own countries we live in.
We consider people who use multibytes, such as Korean, Chiness, Japaness, and
so forth. I, who live in Korean and use Korean language, Hangul, always have
some troubles because of iso-8859-x's single byte support, not multibytes.
Anyway, I must do bootfloppies-l10n, rather than bootfloppies-i18n, and always
modify all sources. It's difficult thing. I believe that you won't think all
people who live in whole world use only single byte characters. Don't you
think it's very interesting?

P.S. : Apology for my poor english. :-)

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