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keyboard... a huge BUG


As I hate writing monologues (especially dramatic ones), I really hope
to get some response this time. I know everybody is very busy, and this 
problem is a difficult one, I am just looking for some help and support 
on this issue. While I am sure you all know a lot more about Debian
development than I do, I can't believe this is a reason to give up on
the matter.
 	There is a saying that says when you say a, you should say b 
as well. a = we have found everything needed to fix the keys, b = let's
fix the keys! I'd like to point out that while it's great that Debian
has made a policy (a), it should now be implemented (b), especially
since all apps are already conform the keyboard-policy. Already people 
have reported bugs in apps which were actually due to the policy not 
being implemented. To put it bluntly, IMHO it is a huge bug we're
dealing with.
	Obviously, notifying the maintainers of the packages tcsh, 
telnet, login, terminfo... is not enough. First people have to be 
convinced that it works (1). Then people will have to discuss the 
details, especially the wrappers may not be very popular(2). Then
the maintainers will have to fix their part of the problem (3)...  
	To accomodate the first step, I have made a tarball with the
files listed below, accompanied by a script to put the files in place.
The file is called Hamm_kbdfix-0.1.tar.gz and can be found on 
http://www.ibbnet.nl/~anne/debiankbd.html. Please have a look at it.
Provided it works, if a lot of people try it and find that it works,
there is hope for the next steps.

files needed to fix the keys in Hamm conform the keyboard policy:

fix               rlogin.wrapper	Xdefaults
inputrc           telnet.wrapper	cshrc

where fix is the expect script which the wrappers use to connect to
hosts listed in /etc/broken-backspace-hosts, and xterm.del-bs-fix is
the modified terminfo entry (kbs=\177, kdch1=\E[3~). NOTE: I am not
saying that it should be done in exactly this way (with the wrappers),
but this is one way that works, and IMHO something HAS to be done.
Regards, Anne

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