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Re: the telnet/rlogin problem

In article <98May7.104037gmt.19720@gateway.dhi.dk>, Anne Baretta
<anne@ibbnet.nl> wrote:

> While the proposed set of solutions generally works fine (letting xterm
> use DEL and \e[3~, and leaving BS for apps), the telnet problem (remote
> machines are likely to have kbs=^H, kdch1=\177 terminfo entries) is a
> serious one.

How much of a problem is this in the real world?

I'd say about the only program that uses the kbs capability is tset. I
can't speak for the rest of the world, but in the environment I have
access to, tset is dead like a dodo. Applications generally rely on the
stty erase value. (That's certainly the smart thing to do.)

kdch1 also isn't a high candidate for being automatically considered by
applications. Most check terminfo (termcap) for the cursor keys only.

> It all comes down to having fixed something in a broken environment I
> guess.

Yes. No matter how you fix it, it will always collide with somebody
else's fix and break in some cases.

(I recently logged on from an X display I usually don't use and found
out that somebody had mapped the <Delete> keysym to the Rubout key.

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