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Re: keyboard... a huge BUG

I don't think there is policy on other keys than backspace and delete.
However, this is enough policy to keep us busy for the time being;-) 
	The keyboard policy is stated in 
	The important part is the part where it is stated that kdch1 in
xterm should be ESC [ 3 ~.

On 20 May, Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:

> I am not sure there is policy on keys other than Bksp. and Del. Could you
> point to me the relevant section? Anyway, AFA those keys go, tcsh now
> conforms to policy.
When has this been changed? In the snapshot I installed recently tcsh
did need .cshrc (and Xresources in xterm) to function correctly (if I
recall correctly, I'll check it). Can you confirm it works (=works on
the console without using bindkey in .cshrc)?. The fact that bash works
out of the box is hopeful, although bash too needs xterm to be
configured correctly.

Regards, Anne

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