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Re: fixing backspace and delete

anne@ibbnet.nl wrote:
> That's good, yet personally I don't think it's enough reason to take
> another approach (maybe patch it again to make the delete key delete?). 
>     I feel the time we have is very limited, I'll try to summarize
> the problem as I see it. 
>     Problems like the one with info is what we can expect. Many 
> developers have found ingenious ways (or less ingenious...) to deal with
> linux's strange keymapping, which is quite different from the rest of
> the UNIX world (that I know of anyway): 
>  KEY       linux    VT100  xterm    aixterm  sun  HP/ux  X
>  BackSpace C ?      C H    C H      C H     C H  C H    C H
>  Delete    E [ 3 ~  C ?    C ?      E [ P   C ?  C ?    C ?

Here I am on very thin ice, but this matter could be hidden by stty setting?

> The bad news:
> Trying to fix everything will probably result in some apps to be broken
> (to a degree, e.g. the delete key erases to the left).
> The alternatives:
> 1. Leaving the system keymaps alone (no remapping). This way I don't
> think we can get very far, I couldn't get xterm, joe and pico/pine to
> work at the same time, fixing one would brake the other (the apps I
> mention are examples, I expect there are more apps with similar
> problems).

   You can add

*vt100.translations: \n\
        <Key>BackSpace: string(0x7F)\n\
        <Key>Home: string("^[[1~")\n\
        <Key>Insert: string("^[[2~")\n\
        <Key>Delete: string("^[[3~")\n\
        <Key>End: string("^[[4~")

into /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm.
Also Netscape has no problem with this setting (Backspace, Delete, Home,
End, PageUp and PageDown work).

delch    ^[ [ 3 ~

into :main section to your .pinerc and both Backspace and Delete work
(Backspace erases to the left, Delete to the right). Backspace works
in pico too, but I don't use any of these programs, so I don't know
how to make the 'Delete' key work in pico.

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