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Re: fixing backspace and delete

Hi Anne,

Just had a look at your web page:

backs           ^?              Backspace
 backs          ^H
 delch           ^?              # Del = Delete in default.map
delch           ^[ [ 3 ~        # Del = Remove in default.map
bol             ^[ [ H          # Standard xterm escape seq.
bol             ^[ [ 1 ~        # Standard VT escape seq.
bol             ^[ [ 7 ~        # rxvt
eol             ^[ [ F          # Standard xterm escape seq.
eol             ^[ [ 4 ~        # Standard VT escape seq.
eol              ^[ [ 8 ~        # rxvt

Is this right ?

It looks like some comment characters have become invisible.

BTW, I don't think people should be encouraged in the ``cludge every app. in 
it's .rc file'' approach, because it just perpetuates the problem, by ensuring 
the apps ignore stty.

Maybe you should include a note saying that while this is one approach,
you'd be better off doing a once and for all fix.  Of course, we need to 
establish that it is a once and for all fix, and there are a few other 
problems with tweaking xterm's terminfo, that need to be addressed (what 
non-debian systems will think of the setup for example)

Cheers, Phil.

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